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Throughout the weekend some great tunes floated over to camp igloo from the Strathpuffer marquee, courtesy of the Square Wheels ipod. The song being played at the start of each lap tended to lodge in my head for the duration, not always for the best!

Anyhow, here are two songs which make me think of the weekend: the first is for the way things fell together in such a fun way for team Veggie Might and the second reminds me of the hard bits!

Swell Maps – HS Art

Black Mountain – Heart of Snow


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The Strathpuffer has been and gone!  And team Vegimite was there!  We had a lovely experience and chat about entry into next years event has already begun.  Many thanks to the event organisers, sponsors and volunteers who helped to clear the trails.  You all did a fantastic job at ensuring we had a super fun time.  For myself, one of the best features was how friendly all the other riders were to me out on the trail and in the campsite, which gave the event a really cosy feel.  Thankyou.

We arrived at the campsite on friday after a short vist to the “best shop in the world” (sold snow shovels when BIG TESCO had already sold out) and unloaded the van of supplies.  Once we had constructed our tents, Jim and I gave David a hand unfurling his igloo.  That evening we sat in front of the fire (thanks for the brazier Old Bridge Inn), dining on pasta and a selection of tasty snacks.  Copious amounts of tea were drunk.

I was up less bright and early than the other two but was soon energised by a very welcome bowl of porridge.  Team member 4, Andy, arrived and shortly thereafter the riding began.  I had the honour of lap 1.  The 10 o’clock le mans start hurt my heels.  I cant remember the last time I tryed to run…  Lap 1 was fun but there were a few portage sections due to snow and/or ice on the trail.

From here on it becomes a bit of a blur of riding, changing clothes, eating as much as possible and huddling over the brazier.  I dont want to talk too much about the riding, because everyone knows why we ride bikes.  David and Jim were the most enthusiastic members of our team putting in back to back multi-laps and managed to keep keen into the wee hours.  Unfortunately I had worn myself out by this time by riding too hard a gear on my earlier laps, and rather than annoying myself with bad riding skillz and running myself into the ground for the next month I just enjoyed the fire and camping experience.

I thought 10 0’clock on sunday zoomed round really quickly.  By the time David had inserted the electronic dibber into the marshalls portal for the final time I had done 4 laps, Andy 3 laps, Jim 7 laps and David 7 laps.  With a total of 21 laps we finished in 28th position.  Go Team! We were all happy with this, especially as none of us have really raced before and it is a cardinal sin to utter the 5 letter t-word within 100 yards of the Bothy Bikes carpark.

After an acceptable degree of futtering, we managed to cram ourselves back into the van, and steam on back down the A9 to Aviemore.  Matchsticks were required.  Once home, I ate lots of sarnies and then slept for 22 hours.

At any rate a picture paints a thousand words, so these photos offer a glimpse into the unforgettable experience, that was the 2010 Strathpuffer!

Many,many thanks again to everybody that made it happen!  You’re the bestest!

This was taken just before hometime. I think we all look tired but happy.

Flatpack igloo construction.

That igloo was strong!

The fire was ideal.


Over and out.  (sorry Ben, I used to love Biggles, get over it, I nearly have)


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This is what we hope to do with our blog:

Reports, pictures and movies from our regular Wednesday night rides as well as our own personal rides

Info on new shiny stuff arriving in the shop and other staff recommended gear

Stuff about local trails and events

Delicious Vegan recipes

And anything else we might think of…

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