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Wednesday 6 April Uath Lochans – Creag Dubh

This was much better than the picture would suggest!

Perhaps the quintessential Wednesday ride, full of swoopy singletrack gnadgery wee climbs and the odd over-the-bars moment.

Strangely enough the only person who didn’t come to grief at some point was Phil on his Phixie. I must admit to being somewhat sceptical as to how much he would enjoy the experience, but he had a most grinsome time…

Interesting to note that the person who lays branches across the trails in these parts has moved further out from their usual zone… wonder what’s going on there…

The week before we had a ride from Bothy Bikes out to Glenmore forest and didn’t see any of the Capercaillies that our customers have been reporting. I did see a very nice Dipper though.

The previous two weeks were snowy and no-one could muster the enthusiasm. Wrong kind of snow, leaves on the line, that kind of thing…


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