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Regular Wednesday night rider Will Snow has just returned from taking part in the Tour Divide event, riding from Banff, Alberta to Antelope Wells, New Mexico.

This is a fantastic acheivement, and we’re all hugely impressed here at Bothy Bikes – well done Will !

Here’s a message from Will himself:

“Well, I did it!  It took me 27 days to complete the 2745-mile route (10 days more than the winner) but I arrived at the Mexican border on Thursday 7 th July.  The pictures show me on the last day after riding over 120 miles in temperatures of well over 105 degrees.  Heat exhaustion and various other ailments were superseded by euphoria and the relief that I could finally rest my saddle sores.  Suffering aside, it was a very positive experience and I feel privileged to have been able to take part in this adventure.  I even managed to enjoy the luxury of more than a few hours sleep each night unlike many of the elite racers.

Many thanks to everyone at Genesis and Bothy Bikes who provided me with the io id to take part in this year’s Tour Divide.  The bike certainly lived up to its reputation and coped incredibly well with endless miles of snow, mud and desert sand.  Apart from one puncture and a replacement rear tyre, I had no mechanical problems whatsoever.  Others with top end bikes were often parting with huge sums of money to replace worn and damaged components.   Apart from the personal achievement and having the opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful places in North America, I hope that my efforts and donations will benefit the SSPCA and make a real difference to the lives of animals here in Scotland.  I really appreciate all the support you’ve provided.  Thank you.   Will”




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The descent off Carn Ban Mor is one of our Wednesday night “must-do’s”. The usual way is to ride up the bulldozed landrover track above Carnachuin. This has the advantage of being all rideable, and has a splendid view into Coire Garbhlach. This time, however, we thought it might be a good challenge to try and ride up the usual down!

As you can see there’s some path maintenance work going on, which made the going a bit smoother in places.

Resisting the temptation to have a wee shot of the digger, we sped on upwards to the summit. Well, Phil did when he borrowed my Tallboy!

This fine structure provided welcome shelter from the chill wind at the top.

The descent was wonderful, as ever – 700m of chunky fun, really nice to do it in the dry too. Highlights were: seeing a Golden Eagle; cleaning some really improbable looking sections on the climb and Duncan surviving an interesting one-footed descent of some rock steps.

Next time I’ll remember to charge my GoPro camera.

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