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This was Andy’s prediction for Wednesday night’s ride, and lo! the Heavens did open…

We set off from Inshriach Nursery car park, the forest canopy providing shelter from the downpour. Conditions under tyre were surprisingly good, the recent wind must have dried things out as well as dropping trees everywhere.

We climbed the ‘Inca Trail’ to the Inshriach clifftop – you’re doing well if you get to the top of this without putting a foot down. I managed to dab on every single corner, grrr…

There’s a lot of wind blown trees across the traditional way down from the clifftop, so we followed the newer variation closer to the cliffs. It’s such a fun descent, with much to entertain the rider who likes a wee challenge!

From Tombain we headed over to Dalnavert, up the ‘pylon climb’ (which I was pleased to clean, making up for my earlier failure) and through some nice junipery singletrack.

The ‘old way’ back up to the cliffs was quite enjoyable, although the top part was as wet as I’ve ever seen it. We had a great zoom back down to Tombain via the Inca switchbacks and an old path which has some fabulously shonky jumps half way down.

I think if you tried to hit these you’d just disappear into the moss and rotten wood!

Back over the ‘Merida climb’ (totally doable, but not tonight, fallen trees, leaves on the line etc…) then up to the top of ‘Cake or Death’.

It’s perhaps tempting fate to ride a trail called Cake or Death when the tearoom is closed, but we all made it down in one piece. The bottom section is pretty much un-rideable – lots of fallen trees everywhere.

Despite the rain, it was a great wee ride and the tracks were riding so well, especially for January.

The Old Bridge Inn was in mid-Burns Night fervour, with skirling pipes and master of ceremonies Arthur MacLean doing the haggis stabbing thing. We celebrated with a pint of Scottish Bard. Just right!

Here’s song: Soundtracks & Head – Rain Rain Rain


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Orange Moon Ride

This was our first Wednesday ride of the New year – it was horrible last week , we wanted to start the year on a high and what a high it was!

Warm winds for the last few days have done a nice job of drying the trails out and we made fast progress to the top. Aviemore looked pretty and twinkly below us, and there was an awesome orange moon which made the clouds look orange too – shame nobody had a camera. This is what it looks like in daylight:

Out riding were me, Fraser, Andy, Ollie, Dawid, other David (remarkably fresh after the Strathpuffer) and Iain. Rode some trails which were new to a few of the riders and I was happy to make my first no-dabs descent of a slabby section which always scares me. It’s funny how trails sometimes feel easier at night…

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