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It’s that time of year again! This year we’ll have a selection of bikes from Santa Cruz, including the hotly anticipated Tallboy LT; a full size range of Scott Spark 29ers; a Transition Bandit 29, Kona Honzo and our Jones, keeping it real and steel…


This is what we’ll have:

Santa Cruz:
Juliana Superlight Sml, Nickel Lge, Butcher Med, Blur TRc Lge, Nomad carbon Med
Highball alloy Med, Highball carbon Lge, Superlight 29 Med, Tallboy alloy Med, Tallboy carbon XL, Tallboy LT Lge
Spark 29 Expert Sml, Med, Lge, XL, Genius 20 Lge, Voltage FR30 if it arrives in time!
Honzo 29er 18″
Bandit 29er (yes, we do have a theme going here!)
Space frame cro-mo beauty
Fortitude Adventure all sizes, Core 26.5 16″, Core 24″

There’s a lot of competition for demo dates; most of the Transition bikes are away in Dalby forest or somewhere, likewise Kona…

Unfortunately the Surly and Salsa demo fleet isn’t ready yet – look forward to more of that in Summer… we will have our Pugsley there for the fat curious!

So… Fraser and Phil will be there on Saturday and Sunday, poised and primed to set bikes up for you, and take your orders when you find your perfect ride!

If you’d like to reserve anything, please let us know, we’ll do what we can!


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Last Wednesday (4th April) the usual suspects went for a ride up High Burnside and by all accounts had a fun time in the snow. I had an errand to run so couldn’t be there, but managed out for a quick blast in Inshriach Forest. It was such a glorious evening; with a decent covering of snow, the kind that’s easy to ride in!

Tallboy in the snow at Inshriach Clifftop

I rode up to the top of Creag Glas-Uaine and enjoyed the fabulous view over the forest canopy towards Kinrara. Descending the ‘Inca Trail’ (usually a climb) was fun, those switchbacks are a bit tight in the snow! I finished up making the most of the ‘Scholars Path’ variations between there and Lagganlia.

Argyll Stone, Creag Follais, Moon

This week (Wednesday 11th) I was, once again, delayed (this time I’d miscalculated how long it would take to wash the hire bikes…) but had cleverly arranged to meet at Feshiebridge, thus giving the waiting riders (Will and Iain) an opportunity to visit the Sculpture Park.

Frank bruce sculpture Feshiebridge

We set off via lower Dalnavert, where there’s been a lot of timber felling, and the bike path there is really a no-go. We used the stony track below the official path instead. A steady climb followed, up to the B970 then across to the ‘Dalnavert crossroads’, where we turned left up the track that leads to the Inshriach clifftop.

This week we chose the way down towards Tombain. The traditional way still has a lot of fallen trees, so you have to take what I think is the better descent. It’s got lots of corners, rock features and wee gnarly sections – good value! I was pleased that the ‘gravity drop’ (is there another kind?) works well and the trail seems to be bedding in nicely (it needed a lot of clearing, and some re-routing after last December’s ‘hurricane’)

From Tombain we headed over the ‘Merida bump’ and up to the fabulous ‘Cake or Death’ trail, which apart from the odd tree in the way, is riding really well…

I was keen to do the whole ride without using lights  so I managed to get us lost between Inshriach Nursery car park and the forest road we were aiming for. It’s incredible how wild an area of the forest just yards from the public road can seem when you’re dis-orientated. I’d swear we were in Narnia for a while…

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