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A quick update on some new arrivals in the shop – some are new to the world, some are just us catching up!

This is issue 6 of Boneshaker – beautiful illustrations, thoughtful writing – a feast for the eyes and mind. You can buy it from us for just £5 plus £1 p&p.

Didn’t think we’d see these for a month or so – Fox Talas 34 140 29er Forx – whoooo!!!

Now, which bike will they go on? Salsa Horse Theif – that’s what I’m thinking!

Available next Spring-ish, order yours now! Let’s get planning that build kit!

There’s a lot of interest in Fat Bikes at the moment, and there’s no-one more interested than our Phil. This is his newly arrived Pugsley frame (Phil hasn’t seen it yet, he’s on his honeymoon – congratulations Phil and Fi!!)  We’ll keep you up to date with as it takes shape into a bike.

We’ve dabbled with Surly frames for years, getting the odd one in for customers here and there, and keeping a decent selection of bits’n’bobs in stock. They’ve been the choice ride of Phil and Duncan, formerly the fixie twins (more on that later) for a while, so some sort of commitment to the brand seemed in order. So… look out for an Ogre and a 2012 Karate Monkey as soon as they’re ready. Oh, and we’ll have a Pugsley available to demo, so you can see what all the fuss is about…

Last but not least, we’ve got some more Green Oil products in. Check out the Eco Sponge – it has a Baah Code label, ha ha!

Just tried out their Clean Chain degreaser – it’s an “anti-lube” – apply it to your chain, ride around for a while (I liked that bit) wipe, then rinse off. I’m going to put some SuperDry chain wax on then use the Eco Sponge to polish my Green Halo (TM) until it gleams as much as my chain.


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