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New Website

I’m very excited to announce the new Bothy Bikes website which launched today. Over the coming weeks we hope to refine and add further content & features to the site. Watch this space!

Our blog is now hosted with the main site and can be viewed at www.bothybikes.co.uk/blog, if you subscribe to our posts via RSS the new feed is www.bothybikes.co.uk/feed. All of our blog posts from now will appear on our new website.

We’d love to hear your feedback so please get in touch here.



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Today it’s all about the wind (and what a hoolie it is!) but yesterday we had the Winter’s first snowy Wednesday ride.

Just me and Fraser out riding (where was everyone?) we crunched our way through refrozen snow and ice before we got to the forest where there were some well-packed vehicle tracks to make the climb easier.
I was on my Salsa El Mariachi, trying out some new Schwalbe 29er ice spiker tyres, which I’m sure made a massive difference! Fraser was on his brand new bright green carbon Nomad (he says if Carlsberg did bikes that would be the one…)

It was truly magical at the top of the trails, snow-covered trees, bright moon, starry sky…
We had three fabulous singletrack descents, including one which was completely new to me: a trail built with so much love and care, with superbly crafted berms, swoopy dips, rocky chutes, and a full-on stream crossing to finish with – just fantastic!
After the ride we went to the Old Bridge Inn where Ben (who had been too ill to ride) joined us for beers and some magnificent roasties. Can’t wait for the next snowy night ride!

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This Wednesday’s ride was superb: we had a beautiful starry night and the trails are in fantastic condition. We rode out via the frosty beach at Loch Morlich, feeling rather chilly. By time we were at the top of the Badaguish trails it was pretty warm, aren’t temperature inversions great?
Badaguish was about as dry as it ever gets, with a carpet of recently dropped pine needles to smooth the way – just fabulous!

The lower section of the Canadian Trail has some huge wheel-eating potholes which we’ll need to sort out, but apart from that the course is in great shape!
We headed back into the valley frost, then onto the ‘red path’ on the far side of Loch Morlich for some slippery root action (I’m sure someone goes and polishes them up specially for us…)
Back to the Old Bridge Inn for refreshments and the best roasties ever!
Riders tonight were: David, Andy, Fraser, Ben, John, other Ben and Mette.

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“Boneshaker Magazine is a celebration of cycling and the people who do it. Full of articles, personal stories and anecdotes about people and projects doing great things with bicycles around the globe.”

Issue #5 includes a stunning photo-diary from India, their regular Slowcoast piece by Nick Hand (this time on the day he met designer Paul Smith, a fellow bike nut) and an article written by James Bowthorpe on the relationship between music and cycling.

From unique and personal writing on the feeling of  ‘not cycling’ after 10 months touring, to a Hip-hop bike inspired playlist, they further explore the importance that bikes play in our lives and share the fascinating stories and ideas from around the globe.

56 pages, perfect bound, advert free, printed on FSC approved uncoated Challenger Offset. £5 incl postage!

Boneshaker #5 should be with us tomorrow, can’t wait!

Oh, we have a few copies of issue 4 left as well…

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This is funny! An advert promoting Fort William as the Outdoor Capital of these isles featuring none other than Mr Jimmy Saville pretending to be Danny Macaskill…


Believe it or not both these awesome people have actually been in Bothy Bikes AT THE SAME TIME. Jimmy used to work here as a mechanic and Danny used to come in when he was up promoting the Aviemore walking festival.

I thought Aviemore was Scotland’s Outdoor Capital anyway…

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Transition are calling their Covert bike a “quiver killer”. We don’t think that has anything to do with mad archers, at least we hope not… It’s a good tongue twister anyhow.


The more XC orientated amongst us are thinking that honour might go to the new Bandit, or even a rumoured 29er hmm…

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Ever since Bothy Bikes first started I’ve loved opening the boxes of new stock for the shop, especially when they contain something new and exciting.

A consignment might “only” contain a few, some would say mundane, spares for the workshop. But that 68-122.5 Shimano bottom bracket has arrived just in time to get someone’s pride and joy on the road again, and that’s good!

Significantly higher up the excitement scale from a UN54 bottom bracket is a new issue of the Ride Journal.

It’s the glorious smell of soy-based ink that hits you first, followed by the wonderful ilovedust cover illustrations which spirit you away to a strange Princess Mononoke world of cycling.

Inside there’s cornucopia of articles photos and illustrations including one by Billy Childish about this song which you can listen to and then buy:

The Buff Medways – The Medway Wheelers

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