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It’s that time of year again! This year we’ll have a selection of bikes from Santa Cruz, including the hotly anticipated Tallboy LT; a full size range of Scott Spark 29ers; a Transition Bandit 29, Kona Honzo and our Jones, keeping it real and steel…


This is what we’ll have:

Santa Cruz:
Juliana Superlight Sml, Nickel Lge, Butcher Med, Blur TRc Lge, Nomad carbon Med
Highball alloy Med, Highball carbon Lge, Superlight 29 Med, Tallboy alloy Med, Tallboy carbon XL, Tallboy LT Lge
Spark 29 Expert Sml, Med, Lge, XL, Genius 20 Lge, Voltage FR30 if it arrives in time!
Honzo 29er 18″
Bandit 29er (yes, we do have a theme going here!)
Space frame cro-mo beauty
Fortitude Adventure all sizes, Core 26.5 16″, Core 24″

There’s a lot of competition for demo dates; most of the Transition bikes are away in Dalby forest or somewhere, likewise Kona…

Unfortunately the Surly and Salsa demo fleet isn’t ready yet – look forward to more of that in Summer… we will have our Pugsley there for the fat curious!

So… Fraser and Phil will be there on Saturday and Sunday, poised and primed to set bikes up for you, and take your orders when you find your perfect ride!

If you’d like to reserve anything, please let us know, we’ll do what we can!


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At last!! The snow has all but disappeared from the trails (at least the ones below the tree-line) and I got to ride my lovely new Santa Cruz Tallboy 29er.

I had the pleasure of using Santa Cruz’s own demo bike  at the Strathpuffer and by the time I was halfway up the first bit of  singletrack I was smitten. Everyone’s been telling me how much a 29er would suit me but nothing really clicked – until now… it’s fast, agile feeling, corners wonderfully and lets me get away with stuff – that’s what I want!

Santa Cruz Tallboy

So, that Monday an order was placed for an XL frame (I’m 6’3″ – have been riding a Large Blur LT which was a bit on the short side for me) and a build list was drawn up…

Fox forx – 15mm QR (100mm with option to be 120mm). Thought about running it as a 1-speed but I do like my gears for climbing so I’ve opted for a 2×6 set-up:  SLX 22/36 chainset with Sram 17 – 34 on the rear which fits the Hope Trials hub with no modification. This gives a very pleasing set of gears – low enough for silly climbs and high enough to zoom along the flat bits.

2x6 gear set up on the Tallboy

So… our first snow-free Wednesday night ride of the year (in March!!) – lots of fun twisty singletrack, rooty sections, steep wee climbs – oh I love this bike!!!

“It’s like riding on velvet!” was how my friend Andy described it after I let him have a minute or two (that was enough!).

I’d like to try the forks on 120mm, just to see how that goes.

Now I’ve just got to decide where to go for the first big ride of the year…

PS our Jabba the Hut snowometer disappeared very quickly… no time to take a pic… trails are pretty much clear of snow and todays wind has been drying them out very nicely…

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