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Total Eclipse?

What a view!

Last Wednesday’s ride should have been extra special with the prospect of viewing a total lunar eclipse. Unfortunately the weather intervened, as it so often does when there’s a chance of seeing space phenomena…

Anyway, it was a great ride, bit wet and our descent had been used for a vintage trials bike course the previous weekend so it was pretty sketchy in places.

Fixed till aarrgh.....

Speaking of sketchy, for those of you who know the old Alvie DH course, how about riding it on a fully rigid fixed gear bike? Phil and Duncan are both now “fixed til death” and loving it. It’s most entertaining watching them descend the super-technical stuff. Good skills, as they say…

Check out this site to see what the eclipse really looked like!

And a song to go with it – Nana Grizol – Circles ‘Round The Moon



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